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How Cute Babies Learn to Talk - BabyChubby Blog

How Cute Babies Learn to Talk

Many moms wonder how their cute babies will learn to talk.  How infants learn to speak is such a wonder. It seems so miraculous that one day the cute babies are just lying there and several months later, they can talk. What is this process that teaches cute babies to learn how to speak? Here is a month-by-month description of language development in the first year.

Baby girl learn to talkNewborn – As newborns, babies know their mother’s voice.

One Month Old – At one month old, cute babies will smile back at you and try to repeat your sounds repeatedly. It is good to say the baby’s name during this time frame.

Two to Three Months Old – During the two to three month time frame, the baby uses crying, cooing and some giggling in order to communicate.

Four Months Old – When the baby is four months old, he will use fussing at times to interact. Also, he may giggle and make various sounds. It is a good idea to talk to him a great deal during this time frame.

Five Months Old – At five months, cute babies often talk to themselves and make various noises. He will know and understand his name too.

Six to Seven Months Old – Six month old babies repeat sounds. They also babble and squeal in delight.

Eight Months Old – At eight months of age, babies make double sounds. Examples of this include “ma-ma” “da-da” and “bye-bye.” This forms into little words and that is why this is an exciting stage for the parents.

Nine Months Old – At nine months, cute babies are really into making noises with their mouths. It is good to play simple games with them at this stage. Games such as peek a boo and singing songs are always popular.

Ten to Eleven Months Old – At this stage, babies are able to say no. They also imitate and try to say words. This is a fun age as well.

Twelve Months Old – At one year, your cute babies are able to understand a great deal. They are very responsive.

The above is a chart to give simple guidance about the beginning language development of your cute babies. It is important to play with your baby throughout. They do understand the tone of your voice and gradually they understand you more and more. Have fun with your cute babies as you watch them develop in their language skills and learn to interact with you more and more all the time.

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