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Happy Mother’s Day - BabyChubby Blog

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is the universal celebration of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate and honor our mothers- the ones who gave us the greatest gift of all, life. Mother’s Day is a worthy ritual and an important reminder of the importance of the role of mothers in the world. Many great men and women, including Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison have said that their mother made them the great person they eventually became.

Mother's day!The earliest noted reference to Mother’s Day was in ancient Rome and was called Matronalia. It was a celebration in honor of Juno, the goddess of childbirth. This carried over into Europe as time passed. Modern day Mother’s Day originated in Europe with the church calendar. The church calendar had a certain Sunday denoted as Mothering Sunday, which was celebrated by children giving their mother flowers.

The present day traditions of Mother’s Day involve children of all ages giving flowers and a gift card to their mothers. Many times children will write special poems for their mothers. Adult children often adopt the tradition of taking their mother out to a nice dinner. Sometimes, mothers are served breakfast in bed. All of these rites are meant to honor the person who gave them life and cared for them.

What a blessing it is to actually be a mother. Being a mother is a significant role and it can also be incredibly fun. A mother will always be the most important person in a child’s life. Becoming a mother is a unique opportunity to change the world for the better. It is so beautiful for a mother to spend her life giving wisdom to and passing time with her children. Mothers use love and wisdom to guide her children through life. The children are a blessing to the mother as the mother is also a blessing to the children.

The above explains the some of the origin and traditions of the present day holiday Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world. Mother’s Day is normally celebrated in May, but in some countries it is celebrated in March. Mother’s Day is one of the most powerful and important holidays because it expresses a universal statement of gratitude to life and the givers of life and everyone can share it and relate.

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”  -Lin Yutang, Chinese writer


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