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One of the most upsetting things for new parents is when their baby cries. It has been shown that when a baby cries, the heart rate and blood pressure of the parents rises. This is because the sound of a baby crying is a stimulus that humans are “hard wired” to respond to. There is almost no one who can resist a crying baby.

Sad baby girl is cryingReasons Babies Cry

Why do babies cry? There are so many reasons why a baby cries. For example, babies cry because they are hungry. Babies also cry because they want contact. This means that they really just want to be held. Babies will also cry when they are over stimulated and really just need to calm down. Another reason that a baby will cry is because they are physically uncomfortable. Maybe they just don’t like their blanket or their clothing is scratching them. Babies will also cry when they are uncomfortable due to gas. Babies will often cry if they are experiencing pain, sickness or fever. Humans are a very social animal, thus another reason for babies to cry is when they are lonely or bored. Some babies experience colic and cry more than others. Babies will also cry when they are tired or simply just hot.

Ways to Soothe Crying Baby

Time seems to slow down and every minute passes like an hour when the baby is crying. Parents really want the baby to feel better and be happy again. There are a few ways to soothe a crying baby. One way to soothe the baby is to go for a walk outside. There are things for the baby to see and hear outside and he or she may become distracted. Another way to calm a crying baby down is by putting on some soothing music and dancing slowly. Another great option is to put the baby in a sling or a front pack Snugli. Babies really love being worn this way, so close to the parent’s bodies. Some babies are also soothed by the motion of going for a ride in the car. Finally, babies love to be put into their swings. The back and forth gentle motion often lulls a baby to sleep easily.

The above are some reasons why babies cry. Also, there are also some suggestions about how to calm them down. Each baby is individual and soon parents will learn what are the best ways of calming their own individual baby down and getting them into a gentle sleep.

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