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One of the most important jobs that parents have is to keep their baby safe. This involves knowing some simple rules and concepts in order to prevent the baby from getting into dangerous situations. The following are some important points to know for keeping the baby safe:

No Cleaning Products Beneath the Sink

Many households keep cleaning products under the sink. However, if you have a baby in the house, do not store cleaning products under the sink. Put them somewhere up high where a quickly crawling or toddling baby cannot get to them.

Supervise Bathing Baby

When a baby is being bathed he or she must be supervised at all times. At no time whatsoever can a baby be left alone in or near water.

Always Use Your Car Seat

There is no car situation where you do not need your car seat. Even if you feel you are only going for a short ride or even only up to the corner store, the baby still must be secured into the car seat properly. This is for the baby’s safety.

Handle the Baby Gently

It is crucial never to shake a baby. Baby’s brains are not like those of adults. Baby’s brains are just soft and forming. It is important to just handle the baby gently and play with the baby carefully.

Keep Floor Free of Small Items

It is especially important to keep the carpet and floor free of small items. Babies pick up everything and they see all small items. They like to put things in their mouths. When babies do this with small items, they can choke. Be very vigilant about possible choking hazards and keep the floor clean.

The above are some rules for the safety of the baby. Life with a baby is different then life was before the baby and some changes have to be made. Just follow the above guidelines and be aware of the safety of your baby.

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Happy Father’s Day! http://blog.babychubby.com/131/happy-fathers-day/ http://blog.babychubby.com/131/happy-fathers-day/#comments Mon, 21 Jun 2010 02:11:46 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=131 Happy Father’s Day! is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Fathers are very special and they give a great deal to their families. Some of the tremendous benefits that fathers provide include provision, protection and guidance.  Anyone who has a father to give them these great benefits is very lucky. In the United States, the celebration of Father’s Day was set up in 1972 as the third Sunday in June by President Richard Nixon. The following is a description of the three major gifts that fathers give to their children and families:

ProvisionHappy Father's Day

Traditionally, fathers provide for their family’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Although these days there are a great many talented and wonderful single mothers, fathers are often still found in the role of provider. Families count on the father to provide for food, clothing and shelter and willingly give to their children so that they may have better lives.


Fathers are normally found in the role of protector for their children. The world can sometimes be a dangerous place, and the father can stand as a protector for his children. Many households feel far safer because there is a father in the house. Fathers watch over their children with a fierce protective love that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.


Many people have said that when they need guidance and wisdom, they always go to their father. The father can share his tips about responsibility and how make the right choices in life. When people come to turning points in their lives, they feel that if they follow their father’s advice they will be steered in the right direction. This shows the importance of the guidance a father gives.

These are some of the reasons to celebrate Father’s Day and some of the significance a father has. Of course, each father has his own individual personality and strengths. The great importance of a father was demonstrated in this familiar quote from

William Wordsworth, “Father! -to God Himself we cannot give a holier name.”

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Baby Chubby Diaper Cake: 3 Reasons it’s the Perfect Gift http://blog.babychubby.com/122/baby-chubby-diaper-cake-3-reasons-it%e2%80%99s-the-perfect-gift/ http://blog.babychubby.com/122/baby-chubby-diaper-cake-3-reasons-it%e2%80%99s-the-perfect-gift/#comments Sun, 13 Jun 2010 03:43:47 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=122 Baby Chubby Diaper Cake: 3 Reasons it’s the Perfect Gift is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Have you ever seen the Baby Chubby Diaper Cake? It is the perfect gift to give to anyone with a new baby, because it is so amazingly original. The diaper cake is a truly clever idea with an adorable look. What a cute way to give a very practical present. It is ideal for either a boy or a girl, because the ribbon color can be changed.

Baby Diaper Cakes - Winnie the PoohHere are three benefits the unique Baby Chubby Diaper Cake offers:

1. 35 Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers

First of all, the adorable Organic Baby Andi 2- Tier Hippo Diaper Cake contains 35 Chlorine Free Biodegradable Nature Babycare disposable diapers. Diapers are the most practical and useable gift that a baby can receive. Every new mom and baby will surely need these. Every single diaper in the diaper cake is clean and completely usable and brand-new.

2. Pure Organic Stuffed Hippo

Sitting on top of the cake is a loveable 100% pure organic stuffed hippo that will become your child’s best friend. Every child needs a cuddly companion like this one and the 7” hippo will be so cute in your baby’s crib or on his dresser. The attractive hippo seated atop the diaper cake really makes the Organic Baby Andi a very appealing and beautiful gift.

3. Erbaviva All Natural Products

The diaper cake is a very “green” environmentally friendly present because it also includes the Erbaviva Organic Lip and Cheek Stick as well as the Erbaviva Organic Baby Soap for sensitive skin. These days, parents are health conscious and want to be sure their baby’s products are organic and natural. It is great to get the baby started on the organic products since they are going to be so much healthier for him in the long run. Parents will love the Erbaviva line that is included in this smart gift.

If you are looking for the perfect gift that the new parents will never forget, give the unique Baby Chubby diaper cake. It is truly a gift you can be proud of. The three features and benefits of the Organic Baby Andi 2 Tier Hippo Diaper Cake include all natural products, pure organic stuffed hippo and disposable diapers. These lovely features will make your present stand out as gorgeous.

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Does Your Baby Have a Security Blanket? http://blog.babychubby.com/104/does-your-baby-have-a-security-blanket/ http://blog.babychubby.com/104/does-your-baby-have-a-security-blanket/#comments Wed, 09 Jun 2010 01:35:26 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=104 Does Your Baby Have a Security Blanket? is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Many babies like to have a security blanket or other item in order to provide them with a feeling of comfort and safety. Some parents worry that their baby is getting overly attached to a certain blanket but actually it is very normal. The most famous example of a baby carrying his blanket around is Linus from The Peanuts. Babies love to choose their own security blanket or other comfort item.

Baby sleeping in a blanketSecurity

The first reason that babies love their blankets is for the security it provides. In the hospital when they are born, babies are wrapped in blankets to provide this type of security. It is fascinating to watch specially trained nurses in the hospital swaddle the babies tightly in blankets. Far from irritating the baby, this swaddling makes the baby feel more secure and they stop crying when properly wrapped.


Babies become attached to a blanket because it provides them with comfort. The blanket is soft and appealing and the baby likes the feeling of it against his skin. When he can’t be held by mom or dad, he likes to feel the fabric of his special blanket as a substitute.


Babies also love their blankets because security blankets are a familiar item. A baby has so much to learn and it seems like the world is such a big, confusing place. It is reassuring for the baby to see something in his world that he really likes but that doesn’t change. His blanket or other comfort item such as a teddy bear suits this purpose.

Babies do have their sense of smell developed. Therefore, it is also quite possible that the blanket has a special smell associated with it that the baby recognizes and likes.

The above is an explanation of why babies like their security comfort blankets and other items. The reasons that they like them include security, comfort and familiarity. Some families even have a special blanket or quilt that was hand made by someone special and in which all the babies in the family have been wrapped. Does your baby have a blanket or other special object that he really likes?

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4 Must-Have Gifts for the New Baby http://blog.babychubby.com/102/4-must-have-gifts-for-the-new-baby/ http://blog.babychubby.com/102/4-must-have-gifts-for-the-new-baby/#comments Sat, 05 Jun 2010 02:16:43 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=102 4 Must-Have Gifts for the New Baby is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Is someone you know having a new baby? If so, then you will want to find that perfect gift. It can be challenging to find the nicest gift for the new baby, but luckily www.babychubby.com has made shopping easy with four must- have gift baskets for the new baby. There are special baskets for baby girls as well as baby boys. Here are the four must- have gift baskets for the new baby you are celebrating.

Baby Girls

Bunny Baby Gift BasketSome Bunny Loves Me Personalized Baby Gift Basket

You will be proud to bring a gift as fine as this one to the hospital for the new baby. Full of necessities for the baby girl, this gorgeous present has a complete layette included. It includes an appliquéd baby onesie, a pink baby jumper, pink baby pants, flowered baby onesie, a bunny bib, soft baby hat and a gorgeous satin hanger.

Baby Girl Pink & Green BasketLittle Sprout Baby Girl Pink & Green Basket

This beautiful basket is filled with a ruffled summer dress, pink and green bib, socks, burp cloth, sweet picture frame, and 100% cotton onesie. It will be a gift never to be forgotten by the parents of the new baby.

Baby Boys

Rainforest Baby Gift BasketRainforest Fun Personalized Baby Gift Basket

This charming basket will delight the parents of the new baby. It contains a cotton jumper, baby kimono, super cute baby hat, baby onesie, matching bib set and pants. There is also the indispensible Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion. The gift also contains a plush monkey to cuddle, a super cute frame and a lovely personalized wood door plaque.

Lion Heart Baby Gift BasketLion Heart Personalized Baby Gift Basket

This gift basket has a personalized Melissa & Doug wooden door plaque, a colorful plush lion, a 9 oz. PBA free baby bottle and an adorable alligator frame. Included within this bright, cheerful basket is a darling complete infant layette with an appliqué onesie, a baby jumper, a striped baby onesie, baby hat, baby pants, a lion bib and a gorgeous satin hanger.

The above are four must-have gift baskets for the new baby. It makes you feel so good when you can give something really special to the new baby. There are plenty of choices in unique gift baskets for both baby girls and baby boys. Now that you know how simple it is to get the most beautiful gift that everyone will be talking about, you can order a gorgeous, personalized gift basket for the new baby today.

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The Importance of Breast Feeding for Babies http://blog.babychubby.com/94/the-importance-of-breast-feeding-for-babies/ http://blog.babychubby.com/94/the-importance-of-breast-feeding-for-babies/#comments Fri, 14 May 2010 00:14:05 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=94 The Importance of Breast Feeding for Babies is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Breast milk is the most excellent food for babies. It is very important for babies to be able to drink their mother’s breast milk. Breast feeding is natural and it is the best thing a mother can do for her baby. Some mothers breast feed only for a few months, some for several months and still others breast feed for years.

Baby and motherIn some cultures, breast feeding is more common than in other cultures. In some societies, breast feeding is the complete norm, whereas in other societies breast feeding is rarely seen. In the United States for example, breast feeding fell out of favor in the 1970’s but is now making a comeback. Sadly, some women do not know how to breast feed because they have never seen their mother or any other females doing it.

Breast milk is important because it is a perfect food. Human breast milk has been examined in laboratories before and breast milk’s components were so complex that researchers were not even able to explain everything that human breast milk comprised. One thing is for sure, though:  breast milk is the most perfect food for babies.

When mothers breast feed, they form a bond with their baby. This does not mean that mothers who do not breast feed cannot create a bond also; they can. It is just that mothers who breast feed their babies have been shown to pick up their babies cues faster. The positioning of breast feeding requires mothers and babies to make eye contact with each other whereas in bottle feeding this is not necessarily so. It is said that because of the requesting and interaction between mother and baby, breast feeding can be part of a relationship and the beginning of language.

Breast feeding has many benefits for mothers too. Breast feeding releases some hormones that calm mothers down. Also, mothers who breast feed have been shown to lose their baby weight faster.

Finally, breast feeding offers some protection against future allergies. Babies who are breast fed are shown to have fewer allergies than non- breastfed infants. Also, the breast fed baby gets the benefit of the mother’s immune system. That means the baby can have natural immunity from many diseases from their mother. Even if a breast feeding mother has a cold, the baby can keep breast feeding through the mother’s cold and the baby will simply make the antibodies against it. Isn’t that remarkable! That is the power of the female body and breast feeding.

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Happy Mother’s Day http://blog.babychubby.com/85/happy-mothers-day/ http://blog.babychubby.com/85/happy-mothers-day/#comments Sun, 09 May 2010 15:58:30 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=85 Happy Mother’s Day is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Today is the universal celebration of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate and honor our mothers- the ones who gave us the greatest gift of all, life. Mother’s Day is a worthy ritual and an important reminder of the importance of the role of mothers in the world. Many great men and women, including Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison have said that their mother made them the great person they eventually became.

Mother's day!The earliest noted reference to Mother’s Day was in ancient Rome and was called Matronalia. It was a celebration in honor of Juno, the goddess of childbirth. This carried over into Europe as time passed. Modern day Mother’s Day originated in Europe with the church calendar. The church calendar had a certain Sunday denoted as Mothering Sunday, which was celebrated by children giving their mother flowers.

The present day traditions of Mother’s Day involve children of all ages giving flowers and a gift card to their mothers. Many times children will write special poems for their mothers. Adult children often adopt the tradition of taking their mother out to a nice dinner. Sometimes, mothers are served breakfast in bed. All of these rites are meant to honor the person who gave them life and cared for them.

What a blessing it is to actually be a mother. Being a mother is a significant role and it can also be incredibly fun. A mother will always be the most important person in a child’s life. Becoming a mother is a unique opportunity to change the world for the better. It is so beautiful for a mother to spend her life giving wisdom to and passing time with her children. Mothers use love and wisdom to guide her children through life. The children are a blessing to the mother as the mother is also a blessing to the children.

The above explains the some of the origin and traditions of the present day holiday Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world. Mother’s Day is normally celebrated in May, but in some countries it is celebrated in March. Mother’s Day is one of the most powerful and important holidays because it expresses a universal statement of gratitude to life and the givers of life and everyone can share it and relate.

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”  -Lin Yutang, Chinese writer


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How to Soothe a Crying Baby http://blog.babychubby.com/81/how-to-soothe-a-crying-baby/ http://blog.babychubby.com/81/how-to-soothe-a-crying-baby/#comments Wed, 05 May 2010 16:56:41 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=81 How to Soothe a Crying Baby is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


One of the most upsetting things for new parents is when their baby cries. It has been shown that when a baby cries, the heart rate and blood pressure of the parents rises. This is because the sound of a baby crying is a stimulus that humans are “hard wired” to respond to. There is almost no one who can resist a crying baby.

Sad baby girl is cryingReasons Babies Cry

Why do babies cry? There are so many reasons why a baby cries. For example, babies cry because they are hungry. Babies also cry because they want contact. This means that they really just want to be held. Babies will also cry when they are over stimulated and really just need to calm down. Another reason that a baby will cry is because they are physically uncomfortable. Maybe they just don’t like their blanket or their clothing is scratching them. Babies will also cry when they are uncomfortable due to gas. Babies will often cry if they are experiencing pain, sickness or fever. Humans are a very social animal, thus another reason for babies to cry is when they are lonely or bored. Some babies experience colic and cry more than others. Babies will also cry when they are tired or simply just hot.

Ways to Soothe Crying Baby

Time seems to slow down and every minute passes like an hour when the baby is crying. Parents really want the baby to feel better and be happy again. There are a few ways to soothe a crying baby. One way to soothe the baby is to go for a walk outside. There are things for the baby to see and hear outside and he or she may become distracted. Another way to calm a crying baby down is by putting on some soothing music and dancing slowly. Another great option is to put the baby in a sling or a front pack Snugli. Babies really love being worn this way, so close to the parent’s bodies. Some babies are also soothed by the motion of going for a ride in the car. Finally, babies love to be put into their swings. The back and forth gentle motion often lulls a baby to sleep easily.

The above are some reasons why babies cry. Also, there are also some suggestions about how to calm them down. Each baby is individual and soon parents will learn what are the best ways of calming their own individual baby down and getting them into a gentle sleep.

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Feeding for Teething Babies http://blog.babychubby.com/73/feeding-for-teething-babies/ http://blog.babychubby.com/73/feeding-for-teething-babies/#comments Sat, 01 May 2010 15:28:25 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=73 Feeding for Teething Babies is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


As a baby grows throughout the first year, he will change what he eats. Sometimes teething babies do not want to eat because their mouths feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips for helping teething babies as they learn to eat.

Teething babiesRegular Mealtimes

It is very important to establish regular mealtimes. This gets teething babies into a comfortable routine that they can anticipate. Teething babies become fussier when they are not on a regular schedule. Keep to those regular mealtimes so that teething babies can get on a smooth routine.

Obtain the Proper Equipment

It is very difficult to get teething babies to eat if there is no highchair. Once you buy a good highchair, the whole feeding process becomes far simpler. Also, you will need bibs and little bowls, spoons and forks that are designed for this stage. Do not forget the little two handled cups. Those two handled cups really make it easier for teething babies to learn how to give themselves their drink independently.

Avoid Eggs and Honey

Neither honey nor eggs should be given to babies before one year of age. This is a very serious safety issue. There are many reasons not to feed eggs or honey to babies before one year. The reasons include the problems of bacteria as well as potential allergies and choking hazards.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are great for teething babies. What are finger foods? Finger foods are foods that are fairly easy to self- feed. Babies may learn to eat more easily with these. Some great finger foods include cooked vegetables, small pieces of banana, little bits of cheese, some cooked rice and crackers. Other great foods are cooked pastas and yogurt. They may still need help with feeding the plain yogurt but it will be worth it because yogurt is healthy.  All the food should be in very small portions. For example the serving size is about two teaspoons. That is how they begin to eat.

Messes are OK

It is expectable that teething babies will make a mess as they learn how to eat. It is fine when they play with the food. That is how they learn best- through exploration.

The above are some key points to consider as teething babies begin to learn how to eat properly. Never force a teething baby into eating things in a certain way. Have patience and let them explore and soon they will be growing up enough to eat on their own.

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Fun Baby Games to Play http://blog.babychubby.com/68/fun-baby-games-to-play/ http://blog.babychubby.com/68/fun-baby-games-to-play/#comments Tue, 27 Apr 2010 12:39:02 +0000 Andrea http://blog.babychubby.com/?p=68 Fun Baby Games to Play is a post from: BabyChubby Blog


Do babies like to play games? They sure do. It may seem like you don’t know what some fun baby games are, but once you get into the swing of it you will enjoy playing baby games.  Here are some fun baby games to try.

Peek a Boo

Peek a Boo is a game that every baby likes. They think it is funny when you cover your face with your hands and then suddenly whisk your hands away- peek a boo! This is the kind of baby game that is always a winner.

Sing Songs in a Rocking Chair

Find certain songs that you like and sing them to your baby over and over. Babies really love the gentle motion of a rocking chair since they find it soothing.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like you have a great singing voice. The baby really likes it anyway. If you repeat the same songs the baby knows what to expect from the sound and will like it even more.

Read Nursery Rhymes and Poems

Reading nursery rhymes and poems is one of the greatest baby games and is a fun ritual to get into. This will eventually help to develop your babies’ language skills.

Talk to Your Baby

Talking to your baby is very important because it builds language. Even if the baby does not seem to understand you and cannot answer yet, talking to the baby is a must.

Use his name so that he can learn his name.  You can ask your baby questions so he can hear the tone of your voice.  As he gets older, this will enhance his understanding of language.  Also, as the baby gets older you can amuse him by making animal sounds.  Babies think animal sounds are funny.

Use a Non Breakable Baby Mirror

Babies love looking at faces, especially their own. If you hang a non breakable mirror in the crib or playpen, babies think it is fun to look at it. They will amuse themselves this way.

Show Pictures of Family Members

Show the baby pictures of daddy, mommy and himself. Babies love to look at pictures when they are held up to eye level. This will teach the baby the names of his parents.

There are many baby games that are fun to play. The above are tried and true, but feel free to make up your own games. Babies love fun interaction with their loved ones. Baby games develop language and intelligence and are important for your baby.

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