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Many babies like to have a security blanket or other item in order to provide them with a feeling of comfort and safety. Some parents worry that their baby is getting overly attached to a certain blanket but actually it is very normal. The most famous example of a baby carrying his blanket around is Linus from The Peanuts. Babies love to choose their own security blanket or other comfort item.

Baby sleeping in a blanketSecurity

The first reason that babies love their blankets is for the security it provides. In the hospital when they are born, babies are wrapped in blankets to provide this type of security. It is fascinating to watch specially trained nurses in the hospital swaddle the babies tightly in blankets. Far from irritating the baby, this swaddling makes the baby feel more secure and they stop crying when properly wrapped.


Babies become attached to a blanket because it provides them with comfort. The blanket is soft and appealing and the baby likes the feeling of it against his skin. When he can’t be held by mom or dad, he likes to feel the fabric of his special blanket as a substitute.


Babies also love their blankets because security blankets are a familiar item. A baby has so much to learn and it seems like the world is such a big, confusing place. It is reassuring for the baby to see something in his world that he really likes but that doesn’t change. His blanket or other comfort item such as a teddy bear suits this purpose.

Babies do have their sense of smell developed. Therefore, it is also quite possible that the blanket has a special smell associated with it that the baby recognizes and likes.

The above is an explanation of why babies like their security comfort blankets and other items. The reasons that they like them include security, comfort and familiarity. Some families even have a special blanket or quilt that was hand made by someone special and in which all the babies in the family have been wrapped. Does your baby have a blanket or other special object that he really likes?

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