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Do babies like to play games? They sure do. It may seem like you don’t know what some fun baby games are, but once you get into the swing of it you will enjoy playing baby games.  Here are some fun baby games to try.

Peek a Boo

Peek a Boo is a game that every baby likes. They think it is funny when you cover your face with your hands and then suddenly whisk your hands away- peek a boo! This is the kind of baby game that is always a winner.

Sing Songs in a Rocking Chair

Find certain songs that you like and sing them to your baby over and over. Babies really love the gentle motion of a rocking chair since they find it soothing.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like you have a great singing voice. The baby really likes it anyway. If you repeat the same songs the baby knows what to expect from the sound and will like it even more.

Read Nursery Rhymes and Poems

Reading nursery rhymes and poems is one of the greatest baby games and is a fun ritual to get into. This will eventually help to develop your babies’ language skills.

Talk to Your Baby

Talking to your baby is very important because it builds language. Even if the baby does not seem to understand you and cannot answer yet, talking to the baby is a must.

Use his name so that he can learn his name.  You can ask your baby questions so he can hear the tone of your voice.  As he gets older, this will enhance his understanding of language.  Also, as the baby gets older you can amuse him by making animal sounds.  Babies think animal sounds are funny.

Use a Non Breakable Baby Mirror

Babies love looking at faces, especially their own. If you hang a non breakable mirror in the crib or playpen, babies think it is fun to look at it. They will amuse themselves this way.

Show Pictures of Family Members

Show the baby pictures of daddy, mommy and himself. Babies love to look at pictures when they are held up to eye level. This will teach the baby the names of his parents.

There are many baby games that are fun to play. The above are tried and true, but feel free to make up your own games. Babies love fun interaction with their loved ones. Baby games develop language and intelligence and are important for your baby.

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