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One of the most important jobs that parents have is to keep their baby safe. This involves knowing some simple rules and concepts in order to prevent the baby from getting into dangerous situations. The following are some important points to know for keeping the baby safe:

No Cleaning Products Beneath the Sink

Many households keep cleaning products under the sink. However, if you have a baby in the house, do not store cleaning products under the sink. Put them somewhere up high where a quickly crawling or toddling baby cannot get to them.

Supervise Bathing Baby

When a baby is being bathed he or she must be supervised at all times. At no time whatsoever can a baby be left alone in or near water.

Always Use Your Car Seat

There is no car situation where you do not need your car seat. Even if you feel you are only going for a short ride or even only up to the corner store, the baby still must be secured into the car seat properly. This is for the baby’s safety.

Handle the Baby Gently

It is crucial never to shake a baby. Baby’s brains are not like those of adults. Baby’s brains are just soft and forming. It is important to just handle the baby gently and play with the baby carefully.

Keep Floor Free of Small Items

It is especially important to keep the carpet and floor free of small items. Babies pick up everything and they see all small items. They like to put things in their mouths. When babies do this with small items, they can choke. Be very vigilant about possible choking hazards and keep the floor clean.

The above are some rules for the safety of the baby. Life with a baby is different then life was before the baby and some changes have to be made. Just follow the above guidelines and be aware of the safety of your baby.

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