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Breast milk is the most excellent food for babies. It is very important for babies to be able to drink their mother’s breast milk. Breast feeding is natural and it is the best thing a mother can do for her baby. Some mothers breast feed only for a few months, some for several months and still others breast feed for years.

Baby and motherIn some cultures, breast feeding is more common than in other cultures. In some societies, breast feeding is the complete norm, whereas in other societies breast feeding is rarely seen. In the United States for example, breast feeding fell out of favor in the 1970’s but is now making a comeback. Sadly, some women do not know how to breast feed because they have never seen their mother or any other females doing it.

Breast milk is important because it is a perfect food. Human breast milk has been examined in laboratories before and breast milk’s components were so complex that researchers were not even able to explain everything that human breast milk comprised. One thing is for sure, though:  breast milk is the most perfect food for babies.

When mothers breast feed, they form a bond with their baby. This does not mean that mothers who do not breast feed cannot create a bond also; they can. It is just that mothers who breast feed their babies have been shown to pick up their babies cues faster. The positioning of breast feeding requires mothers and babies to make eye contact with each other whereas in bottle feeding this is not necessarily so. It is said that because of the requesting and interaction between mother and baby, breast feeding can be part of a relationship and the beginning of language.

Breast feeding has many benefits for mothers too. Breast feeding releases some hormones that calm mothers down. Also, mothers who breast feed have been shown to lose their baby weight faster.

Finally, breast feeding offers some protection against future allergies. Babies who are breast fed are shown to have fewer allergies than non- breastfed infants. Also, the breast fed baby gets the benefit of the mother’s immune system. That means the baby can have natural immunity from many diseases from their mother. Even if a breast feeding mother has a cold, the baby can keep breast feeding through the mother’s cold and the baby will simply make the antibodies against it. Isn’t that remarkable! That is the power of the female body and breast feeding.

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