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Have you ever seen the Baby Chubby Diaper Cake? It is the perfect gift to give to anyone with a new baby, because it is so amazingly original. The diaper cake is a truly clever idea with an adorable look. What a cute way to give a very practical present. It is ideal for either a boy or a girl, because the ribbon color can be changed.

Baby Diaper Cakes - Winnie the PoohHere are three benefits the unique Baby Chubby Diaper Cake offers:

1. 35 Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers

First of all, the adorable Organic Baby Andi 2- Tier Hippo Diaper Cake contains 35 Chlorine Free Biodegradable Nature Babycare disposable diapers. Diapers are the most practical and useable gift that a baby can receive. Every new mom and baby will surely need these. Every single diaper in the diaper cake is clean and completely usable and brand-new.

2. Pure Organic Stuffed Hippo

Sitting on top of the cake is a loveable 100% pure organic stuffed hippo that will become your child’s best friend. Every child needs a cuddly companion like this one and the 7” hippo will be so cute in your baby’s crib or on his dresser. The attractive hippo seated atop the diaper cake really makes the Organic Baby Andi a very appealing and beautiful gift.

3. Erbaviva All Natural Products

The diaper cake is a very “green” environmentally friendly present because it also includes the Erbaviva Organic Lip and Cheek Stick as well as the Erbaviva Organic Baby Soap for sensitive skin. These days, parents are health conscious and want to be sure their baby’s products are organic and natural. It is great to get the baby started on the organic products since they are going to be so much healthier for him in the long run. Parents will love the Erbaviva line that is included in this smart gift.

If you are looking for the perfect gift that the new parents will never forget, give the unique Baby Chubby diaper cake. It is truly a gift you can be proud of. The three features and benefits of the Organic Baby Andi 2 Tier Hippo Diaper Cake include all natural products, pure organic stuffed hippo and disposable diapers. These lovely features will make your present stand out as gorgeous.

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