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Fathers are very special and they give a great deal to their families. Some of the tremendous benefits that fathers provide include provision, protection and guidance.  Anyone who has a father to give them these great benefits is very lucky. In the United States, the celebration of Father’s Day was set up in 1972 as the third Sunday in June by President Richard Nixon. The following is a description of the three major gifts that fathers give to their children and families:

ProvisionHappy Father's Day

Traditionally, fathers provide for their family’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Although these days there are a great many talented and wonderful single mothers, fathers are often still found in the role of provider. Families count on the father to provide for food, clothing and shelter and willingly give to their children so that they may have better lives.


Fathers are normally found in the role of protector for their children. The world can sometimes be a dangerous place, and the father can stand as a protector for his children. Many households feel far safer because there is a father in the house. Fathers watch over their children with a fierce protective love that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.


Many people have said that when they need guidance and wisdom, they always go to their father. The father can share his tips about responsibility and how make the right choices in life. When people come to turning points in their lives, they feel that if they follow their father’s advice they will be steered in the right direction. This shows the importance of the guidance a father gives.

These are some of the reasons to celebrate Father’s Day and some of the significance a father has. Of course, each father has his own individual personality and strengths. The great importance of a father was demonstrated in this familiar quote from

William Wordsworth, “Father! -to God Himself we cannot give a holier name.”

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