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As a baby grows throughout the first year, he will change what he eats. Sometimes teething babies do not want to eat because their mouths feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips for helping teething babies as they learn to eat.

Teething babiesRegular Mealtimes

It is very important to establish regular mealtimes. This gets teething babies into a comfortable routine that they can anticipate. Teething babies become fussier when they are not on a regular schedule. Keep to those regular mealtimes so that teething babies can get on a smooth routine.

Obtain the Proper Equipment

It is very difficult to get teething babies to eat if there is no highchair. Once you buy a good highchair, the whole feeding process becomes far simpler. Also, you will need bibs and little bowls, spoons and forks that are designed for this stage. Do not forget the little two handled cups. Those two handled cups really make it easier for teething babies to learn how to give themselves their drink independently.

Avoid Eggs and Honey

Neither honey nor eggs should be given to babies before one year of age. This is a very serious safety issue. There are many reasons not to feed eggs or honey to babies before one year. The reasons include the problems of bacteria as well as potential allergies and choking hazards.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are great for teething babies. What are finger foods? Finger foods are foods that are fairly easy to self- feed. Babies may learn to eat more easily with these. Some great finger foods include cooked vegetables, small pieces of banana, little bits of cheese, some cooked rice and crackers. Other great foods are cooked pastas and yogurt. They may still need help with feeding the plain yogurt but it will be worth it because yogurt is healthy.  All the food should be in very small portions. For example the serving size is about two teaspoons. That is how they begin to eat.

Messes are OK

It is expectable that teething babies will make a mess as they learn how to eat. It is fine when they play with the food. That is how they learn best- through exploration.

The above are some key points to consider as teething babies begin to learn how to eat properly. Never force a teething baby into eating things in a certain way. Have patience and let them explore and soon they will be growing up enough to eat on their own.

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